Food that glues us:)

This was a special post i made when i was in hum.vividh (which btw, I named), and this one's damn close to my heart. 'The people of the Earth are one family.' -Ruth Fulton Benedict.Assam, one of the North Eastern States of India, is known to have a different style of food habits. The people... Continue Reading →

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My cover mismatch! 😭

So hi. While I was drooling over how much worse my paperback publishing would get, well, hell, it got even worse. 😫😰 Thanks! I will keep it very very short because talking about it breaks my heart. If this is your first time in here, you'd want to go through these posts before you read... Continue Reading →

I’m Published😭😭😭

So....yeah. My book is on paperback. MY BOOK IS ON F*CKING PAPERBAAACKKKK!!!! woof. Yesterday, I woke up and found piles of books on my front door. My books. I was so overwhelmed. It took me like 3 hours to believe that it was my book which I was holding and reading. As I began chirping... Continue Reading →


Here's my instagram I created minutes ago to share my work! The link---> Click here!!! Thank you and please, share my blog! Love you guys.

A flag with a purpose

A very happy 73rd Independence Day to Mother India!! I'm so proud to be an Indian and India is so dear to me. Every independence day, we buy flags and put it in places to celebrate this occasion. Because after all, today was the day when we finally got the freedom; from all places. But... Continue Reading →

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