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Greetings everyone!

First of all, a very thank you for bothering to visit the About page of Dreamares&Fantalities. I am Avileena Sanskritii Dutta, and I run this free WordPress blog under the domain name ‘datsnotallshewrote.wordpress.com‘.

This blog is a journal for me. And even though journals are supposed to be private, I’m giving you guys opportunity to go through mine. Use it wisely. Summing it up, I’d say that I’m gonna write those stuff here which a little more important that just a story on my Instagram, or a little bit less important than turning it into novels.

So as I said I’m Avileena and a lot of times people call me Ava, and some special ones call me Avi and Abbey. I was born in Guwahati, a city in the state of Assam of India and was brought up in Delhi, until I moved back to my hometown a few years back. I’m a Scorpio (1st November 2004) and I absolutely love zodiac astrology.

During the course of my life I’ve gone to many prestigious schools like Mother’s International School, New Delhi and Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti, Guwahati and currently I’m a tenth grade high school student in Don Bosco School Guwahati.

I’d like to call myself an author, and it’s a long shot, but I am going to anyway. I absolutely love any form of writing and I try to keep it alive in me. This is my Wattpad and seriously cool stuff is brewing. Other than that, I also love baking, I’d do it when I was in grade 2 with my relatives, and after almost seven years, I’m into baking again. Count me in for some compering, public speaking and blogging too.

Wrapping up, I’d sincerely thank you for giving your time to view my blog. Even though it isn’t a business or something I’m terribly active at, I really really appreciate the engagement. Honestly it means a lot. I’ve created the whole blog on my own, and I’d love it if you explore, subscribe if you like it, and share it to your friends.

Thank you!

That is a backstage click with the popular musician in Bollywood from Assam, Papon, with me and my newly launched book ‘The Myriad Squad and the Envelope of Fear’.


The Myriad Squad and the Envelope of Fear (Please contact if you live outside India.) Click here for Kindle Version (Available Worldwide)

Detective 7:- The Great Rescue

Contibution of 11 poems to An Anthology (Kindle Version. Contact for paperback)

“She told me she wanted to be an author when she was in grade 2. I never took it lightly. And here she is.”

Dr. Smriti Rekha Dutta, Private veterinary practitioner, My mom.